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Valgamaa, Sangaste vald, Laukküla, Exclusive object

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385 000 EUR


Sales concept for Sangaste hydroelectric plant and Sangaste water mill.

The object of sale comprises the following registered immovables:

1. Sangaste hydroelectric plant, Tielsi registered immovable.
Catasternumber: 72402:003:0029
The construction of hydroelectric plant was completed in 2009. The hydrotechnical constructions and buildings and all equipment are new. The equipment inside the plant was produced and collected by Austrian company GMBH Kössler.
The 75 KW kaplan turbine is up to date and fully automatic.
The plant started work on Feb 8th 2009 and the output for that year was 320 000 KWH. Hydrological calculation lets estimate a yearly output of 300 000 – 375 000 KWH. It is possible to improve the output by approx. 10%.
The current price for 1KWH is 0,10 € + vat. In perspective, prices for buying in green energy may rise by up to 20-30%.
The licence for the special use of water has been granted.

2. Sangaste reservoir. Tielsi registered immovable.
The size of the registered immovable is 8.21 ha, Catasternumber: 72402:003:1132. The reservoir includes water regulation constructions. Reservoir area includes a strip of land; a summer house may be built there.
Perspective and developments:
The rural municipality development plan foresees also the cleaning of Sangaste reservoir. During the cleaning process a fish pond may be constructed or an artificial island or strip of land from the sediments. Money can be applied for from development funds.

3. Tielsi water mill.
The size of the registered immovable is 2 ha., Catasternumber: 72402:002:0056. It includes a big historical water mill that was part of the Sangaste manor and that still houses fully preserved milling equipment. The registered immovable has preliminary building design documentation for the water mill, and also the business project and detailed plan for the water.
Project envisages also the construction of a winter garden.
Perspective and developments:
Sangaste water mill is one of the ten mills of the greatest cultural and environmental value in Estonia and its reconstruction is included in the rural municipality development plan. Money could also be applied for through EU development funds.

4. Veskimehe
The size of the registered immovable is 1ha, Catasternumber: 72402:003:0028.
The registered immovable has a valid detailed plan. A residential building with outbuildings may be constructed. It is also possible to construct a sauna in the building exclusion zone. A big pond may be constructed. The presence of artesian springs makes it a good place for trout farming which was the activity during in the historical manor.

5. Tielsikalda.
The size of the registered immovable is 0,35 ha, Catasternumber: 72402:002:0055.
The registered immovable has a valid detailed plan. A residential building may be built.
Perspective and developments:
The registered immovable housed historically the brewery and distillery of Sangaste manor. The foundation of the building has partially preserved.
There is also a historical artesian spring, the water of which used to be used to making beer and vodka.
Water tests were run in 2009 and the water complies with requirements for drinking water and bottling. Existing connection to electricity.

6. Viinaköögi
The size of the registered immovable is 0,25ha, Catasternumber: 72402:002:0054 .
The registered immovable has a valid detailed plan. A residential building may be built.

Altogether, the above described registered immovables form a whole that also has a detailed plan.

Selling price
The selling prices has been determined considering the great perspective of the object allowing additional finances to be applied for from various development projects. Other consideration have been Pindi valuation report completed in the spring of 2009 the good output of the power plant and the lack of financial problems of the owners.

Price for the whole complex: 385 000 €
This price includes all registered immovables and constructions in the plot.
Only hydroelectric plant: 249 000 €

Only Tielsi registered immovable with the reservoir and power plant may be purchased separately. The price for Tielsi is 600 000 €

When asked for, the following documentation will be provided:
1. A photo of the power plant
2. A photo of the reservoir
3. A photo of the water mill
4. Valid detailed plan for the registered immovables
5. Reconstruction plan for the water mill
6. Business project for the water mill
7. Documentation concerning the power plant

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