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Property finder Ltd operates from March 2004. The company’s main business is real estate related services. In most cases, the Otepää and Southern Estonia.

Real estate purchase, sale and rent.
8 years was referred to real estate service for Arco Real Estate Company. Co-operation was a success for both parties!

Acting as brokers have gained much needed experience in real estate in the world. I mostly specialize in Otepaa around the property market. Therefore, I consider myself the best specialist in the area. If the plan is to sell real estate, buy or rent, we will find together the best opportunity to carry out your dream. Buying real estate is not a loaf of bread. It is important to know what to!
I can ask the right questions, and thanks to this, you are among the easiest real estate listing to find the right one! Make a sample!
Please call +372 52 94294 or email:

See you there!
Janek Moros
Varaleidja Company